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Bauer Stainless Steel Gear Motor

Bauer Stainless Steel Gear Motor

If you need an innovative solution for hygiene-critical applications, the Bauer Stainless Steel motor is a great option. It is perfect for pharmaceutical, and food and beverage industries as it boasts a hygiene conscious design with angular slopes that allow for easy run off when cleaned. As an all stainless steel motor, its design doesn’t have any harmful coatings that can peel or fleck off, preventing contamination. Inside it houses all the same great gear motor parts, giving you great features that don’t compromise your business’ health and safety.



Stainless Steel Motor Features:

  • Stainless Steel Motor Options: DA/SA-
  • DA- Stainless Steel Asynchronous Motor with Aseptic Design:
  • IE2, IE3, IE4 Efficiency Available
  • Motor Power: .25 - 3.0 HP
  • SA- Stainless Steel Permanente Magnet Synchronous Motor with Aseptic Design
  • Exceeds future IE4 Efficiency Requirements
  • Requires frequency inverter
  • Additional Motor Features-
  • Standard with Thermistors and Iso-Class F
  • Degree of protection: IP67 and IP69K
  • Unventilated to prevent cross contamination
  • Strong and corrosion resistant housings made of stainless steel
  • Stainless Steel Plug connector

A high efficiency machine, our stainless steel motor will save your business money with energy savings of over 40%. And for the hygiene-conscious, you can rest easy knowing this gear motor will not compromise your health and safety concerns. A leader in the industry, this innovative machine doesn’t fail to impress.