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Company Profile

Throughout the years, the Bauer brand has been an industry leader in innovation and product development, consistently responding to customer demands in an ever-changing technological environment. We supply variable speed drives and other gearing products to industries across the country. Our AC drives, in particular, are widely recognized as being among the best in the business because of their durability and precision tooling. Our variable speed drives and other products like AC drives are inspected thoroughly during each production run to ensure the highest tolerances of dimensions, materials, and other factors are adhered to.

Our aim is to provide customized, reliable power transmission solutions tailored to the application. Combined with the industry recognized “Bauer Built” longevity, our motors will enhance the performance and reliability of your machinery. We place a huge emphasis on custom solutions when it comes to our AC drives and variable speed drives. This means that our drives are economically priced and tailored to the specific situation for which they are required. The same goes for our motors as well - every single one of our products is built custom from the ground up to suit the situation.

About Us

We also place a huge focus on customer service. To Bauer GMC, quality isn’t just relegated to the products we supply. Our personnel are skilled and friendly, standing ready to provide you with recommendations and service for any and all situations that may arise that relate to the gear motor and variable speed AC drive field.

Why Choose Us?

  • High-quality products

  • Highly skilled and knowledgeable personnel

  • Environmental consciousness

  • Excellent customer service

Bauer GMC has worked long and hard to build a lasting reputation in the service and supply field for motors and AC drives. Today, we are the leading supplier for most types of gear products in the region. We are a company that believes in quality in all aspects of our business - contact us today to see for yourself.