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Bauer Gearmotor BK Series
Bauer Gearmotor BK Series

The bevel geared BK series is one of our most versatile and reliable gear motors with a high range of installation possibilities including the new Hiflex Drive system.

Bauer Gearmotor BS Series
Bauer Gearmotor BS Series

The worm-geared BS series motors are economical right-angle drives that install easily in to the tightest applications allowing for a diverse range of use.

Bauer Gearmotor BG Series
Bauer Gearmotor BG Series

The helical geared BG series is our best selling and most economical gear motor that includes unparalleled standard features such as our patented Cage Clamp connection technology.

Bauer Gearmotor BF Series
Bauer Gearmotor BF Series

The shaft mounted BF series sets a new gear motor standard for reliability, efficiency and economy, with unparalleled standard features including hollow shafts in the smallest sizes.

Welcome to Bauer GMC Inc. - Your Trusted Distributor of Bauer Gear Motors

With over 80 years in the field, Bauer GMC Inc. specializes in innovative and energy-efficient gear drive solutions. We are an official distributor of Bauer gear motors, and our products are well known for their supreme quality. Apart from distribution, our company also offers comprehensive sales and maintenance services across Canada.  

Our Products

Bauer 2000

Eberhard Bauer

Danfoss Drives

Bauer GMC has a reputation for supplying premium gear motor products and related accessories. With an emphasis on innovation, our products are geared towards reducing downtime, improving performance and increasing cost-effectiveness. We primarily offer AC gearmotors, otherwise known as AC electric motors, namely the Bauer 2000 and Eberhard 

Bauer motor series, along with Danfoss Drives for effective motor system control. Browse through our product section for more details or feel free to contact us for any questions.

Engineering Excellence Apart from distribution, engineering excellence is the cornerstone of Bauer GMC Inc. Whether it’s a new project or an upgrade, we have the expertise and dedication required to undertake the task. Our team of highly qualified engineers strives to provide top-tier technical solutions for unique problems and requirements. This technical know-how, combined with a commitment to perfection, ensures the highest standards of performance and reliability when it comes to gear motor solutions.
Gear Motor Repair Closely related to our engineering expertise is our extensive knowledge of gear motor repair. As a reliable name in the gear motor sector, we have a specialized team dedicated to repairing and revitalizing gearmotor units. Be it older or newer Bauer gearmotor models such as AC gearmotors (or electric gear motors) our team has the right equipment, facility and knowledge required to extend their lifespan for years. Furthermore, our repair services extend to non-Bauer gear motors as well, from minor adjustments to major overhauls.
24/7 Support Gear motor operation and repair is a highly critical matter, and downtime is not feasible in many cases. Knowing this, we at Bauer GMC Inc. offer 24/7, round-the-clock support to handle all manners of gear motor-related emergencies. To contact us, simply give us a call at 416-986-5370 and one of our highly-qualified technicians will offer personalized support to resolve any issues promptly.
Global Reach Due to our affiliation with the Bauer Group, we have multiple partner locations across the globe that can offer the same level of quality and services. Whether it is Europe, Asia, or South America, all affiliates of the Bauer Group have a centralized database wherein the specifications of each gear motor are stored. This enables easy dispersal of information via a serial number and any issues can be addressed instantly.

Industries Served

Crane & Hoist

Our gear motors play a key role in cranes and hoists where the primary function is to generate more torque and power. Our equipment is used in jib cranes, luffing cranes, chain and wire rope hoists, steel mill cranes and much more.

Food & Beverage

The food and beverage industry encompasses a wide variety of processing, conveying, packaging, grinding, and mixing equipment, all requiring gearmotors of differing variety and specifications.

Material Handling

In the world of material handling, the application of OEM gear motors includes but is not limited to: conveyor systems, robotics, bulk handling equipment, hub motors and more.

Water & Wastewater

Bauer gearmotors is a trusted name in the waste and wastewater management sector. It is used to power fine-screening and pre-cleaning operations as well as in membrane filtration processes.

Amusement Ride and Ski Lift

Amusement park rides are known for their mechanical complexity, and our gear motors aim to power them effectively. Similarly, for ski lifts, where safety and reliability are key, especially in cold weather conditions, our products have delivered impeccable quality time and again.

Farm & Agriculture:

Gear motors are used extensively in the agricultural sector for a myriad of applications such as sprayers, planters, automated steering and seating for various devices. Bauer GMC delivers highly durable and reliable electric gear motors for this purpose.


In the forestry sector, our gear motors are used for a wide variety of applications such as band saws, chipping machines, logging machines, grinding machines and miscellaneous forestry equipment.

Metal Processing

Material processing uses gear motors for multiple purposes including processing, finishing, transportation and more. Catering to this requirement, Bauer GMC offers quality motors for annealing, coating and galvanizing, pickling, cold rolling, and table conveyors.

Metal Producer

Bauer GMC caters to this sector by offering top-notch motors for continuous casters, cranes and hoists, roller tables, rail cars, stackers and reclaimers, and much more.

Metal Shredders

Metal shredders are their own department, requiring gear motors for multiple applications such as feeding conveyors, transport conveyors and separator conveyors. Bauer GMC caters to this requirement with our quality gear motors.

Mining and Aggregate

The mining industry uses multiple types of equipment such as crushes, stackers and reclaimers, hoists and winders, and more. Our wide range of gear motors is highly specialized to cater to the harsh and challenging environments of the mining sector.

Oil and Gas

The oil and gas industry employs a variety of gear motors for equipment such as cranes, knuckle boom cranes, winches and mud pumps. The equipment is designed to handle the harsh conditions of the oil and gas industry.

Packaging Machinery

The packaging industry is extremely varied, requiring the use of gear motors for a plethora of machines involved in carton packing, bottling, sterilization, sealing, palletizing, labelling, wrapping and more.

Power Generation

Gear motors also serve the power generation sector, being a staple in coal power plants, conveyors, gas turbines, fans and blowers, cooling towers, steam turbines, wind turbines, nuclear power pumps and much more due to their durability and efficiency.

Renewable Energy

The renewable energy sector has gained extensive popularity in recent years, requiring specialized gear motors to operate windmills and solar energy panels.

Specialty Vehicle

While the specialty vehicle sector is quite varied and complex, our gear motors are a staple in some basic vehicles such as street sweepers, which use a variety of helical geared motors for best performance.

Stage & Theater

The arena of stage and theater might be the last area anyone might consider for gear motors, but they do find extensive use in the form of mobile point hoists, revolving stages, chain lifts, winch and ball screws lifts and so much more.


Are there any warranty or guarantee policies available for the gear motors sold by Bauer GMC Inc.?

Bauer GMC offers a standard 12-month warranty for spare parts and services offered. However, extended warranty terms can be added if required.

Does Bauer GMC Inc. offer customization options for gear motors to suit unique or specialized industrial applications?

Yes, customization is the cornerstone of Bauer GMC. We have a dedicated engineering department that will work with the customer to provide unique solutions specific to their application or industry. Irrespective of the type of gear motors, our solutions are aimed towards optimal performance and durability.

Are there any industry certifications or quality standards that Bauer gear motors adhere to, ensuring reliability and performance?

With a huge emphasis on quality, all Bauer gearmotors pass the UL, cUL and CE standards. While the first two focus on quality and safety in North America, the latter measures the same for the European market. Therefore, all gear motors are compliant with numerous global standards for quality, performance and safety. Furthermore, Bauer GMC is an ISO9001 and ISO 14001 certified company.

Is there a process for requesting quotes or estimates for purchasing Bauer gear motors, including pricing information and lead times?

We process inquiries directly from our website. You can also reach out to us by email or phone, where we offer round-the-clock service.

Can Bauer GMC Inc. provide on-site installation support or assistance for integrating their gear motors into existing systems?

Yes, Bauer GMC offers on-site assistance for integration, application analysis and troubleshooting.

How does Bauer GMC Inc. handle returns or exchanges for gear motors, and what is their policy regarding defective or damaged products?

In the unlikely event of a gearmotor failure, our service department will provide a full analysis of the failed unit. If it falls within the warranty terms, we will repair the unit free of charge. If not, we will provide a detailed repair quotation and offer any insights we may have as to the cause and potential solutions.