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Our Products

Since 1927, the Bauer brand has had a reputation for quality and longevity.  From our gear motor repair service to hollow shaft gear motors: all of our products are held to the highest standards of design and quality. We employ a rigorous quality control program to monitor the product during the manufacturing process. For example, our hollow shaft gear motors are assembled according to the highest quality industry standards.  At Bauer GMC, every unit we build is rigorously tested and the results are recorded to provide our customers with the “Bauer Built” confidence that drives their machinery.


Did you know you can configure the specifications of your unique Bauer hollow shaft gear motor using the build-your-gear-motor feature on our website? This allows you to gain an idea of how you can configure your gear motor to meet your business’ operational needs. However, we also have an extensive line of general usage gear motors that you can browse on our products page.


For example, our line of Bauer 2000 motors allow for easy installation and come in a variety of models. Meanwhile, our Danfoss VLT series of drives is catered to businesses who have specific building applications: whether it be for automated systems, water systems or HVAC. Our partnership with Danfoss enables us to offer a diverse selection that is continually being upgraded with the latest technology.



With recent developments in efficiency requirements in Europe and the anticipation of a similar North American initiative, Bauer GMC is once again ahead of the curve.  From 1 HP and above, we can offer three efficiency levels ranging from standard to premium with potential for energy savings over 30%.


Quality Control

Our rigorous quality control testing has recently been expanded to new areas: on Feb 1st 2017 we moved into a new centre in British Columbia. This enables us to better support our customers in BC, Alberta and the rest of the Canadian West Coast. We are equipped with full service and assembly capabilities.


Do you want to learn more about our standards of quality control? We would be happy to chat with you: contact us at (416) 986-5370 today!