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Food & Beverage


‚ÄčInnovative Gear Motor Solutions for the Food and Beverage Industry

In recent years, the rate of population growth has increased substantially. It is still on the rise, with no indication of slowing anytime soon. As a result, the food and beverage industry has shifted to accommodate this growing demand for increased food production.


In the coming decades, food production must increase by nearly 50% to accommodate for this demand, meaning businesses need to ensure their production lines compensate accordingly, and are able to meet this growing demand for a higher quantity of food at a faster rate. Equipping a facility with durable, productive machinery is now more important than ever, as businesses cannot afford to slow down production.


In a facility that handles food, maintaining a high standard of hygiene is a priority: Bauer GMC understands this. Every AC Gear Motor we manufacture is designed to be easily cleaned and readily accessible. AC gear motors are usually located in the same area as the open product flow, leading to very stringent requirements for hygienic applications.


All of our AC gear motors are capable of resisting commonly used cleaning products. We have specially designed them to endure sanitation methods that involve the use of acidic and alkaline solutions. Furthermore, we address common problems such as air turbulence generated by the motor to decrease the likelihood of dealing with any breakdowns in operation.


Bauer is at the forefront of the food and beverage industry, offering innovative solutions to all our clients: big and small. Whether you require a state of the art anti-bacterial coating or an all stainless steel gear motor, we are equipped with the expertise and experience necessary to address your food and beverage application. We have recently partnered with Boston Gear to develop an innovative selection of helical, bevel and parallel shaft gear motors with varying degrees of sanitary protection to meet the needs of a food and/or beverage production facility. View this catalogue of washdown gear drives and gear motors here: