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Steel Industry

Heavy-duty production needs require heavy-duty industrial equipment that is simple in operation, durable enough to handle a variety of materials and capacities. For such heavy applications, choose Bauer GMC: our stainless steel gear motors are ready to handle your industrial applications. We offer gear motor products that are specifically designed to handle the demands of the steel industry.


For example, our Ring Fin motors for steel mills are among the most efficient and widely used products among manufacturers in the steel industry. We have developed our line of stainless steel gear motors to employ one of three different rotor technologies, all of which can be configured according to the required efficiency class. We guarantee high efficiency and drive without compromising on space restrictions.


Bauer GMC has been providing high quality stainless steel gear motors to a variety of clientele for many years. Our line of gear motors are specially designed for applications in the steel industry where there needs to be a high tolerance of vibrations and shocks. We prioritize the functionality of all products to be reliable, with a strong focus on flexible solutions, power, and convenience. 


Our featured Bauer Stainless Steel Gear Motor is perfect for any pharmaceutical and food and beverage application, boasting a hygiene conscious design. We have designed it with angular slopes that allow for easy run off when cleaned, and no harmful coating to help prevent contamination. As a high-efficiency machine, get ready to save over 40% in energy savings. Other notable features include a motor power of .33-.75 HP, an asynchronous motor with aseptic design, IE2/IE3 Efficiency, IP67 and IP69K degree protection, and a stainless steel plug connector. 


Trust the experts at Bauer to tackle your heavy-duty, high-demand production: we can work with you to find the perfect stainless steel gear motor or other machinery for you.