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Company Profile

Bauer GMC is the Canadian division of Bauer Worldwide. Originally established in 2002 we have continued to grow and expand. With full capability assembly centers for right angle gear motors now in Ontario and British Columbia and an established distribution network across Canada, Bauer GMC is committed to providing local support, fast turnaround times and easy access to both right angle gear motors, other products and expertise.

The Bauer brand has been a part of a long line of history and has proudly served clients worldwide since 1927, supplying right angle gear motors and much more to industries across the globe. With the establishment of the Canadian location in 1972, Bauer GMC continues its growth and innovation in the field.


Please take a moment to browse through Bauer’s historical timeline and find out more about our roots.

  • 1927:     On 21 March Wilhelm Bauer takes over an electro motor factory in Esslingen, Germany. The concept of the geared motor started establishing itself.

  • 1936:     Wilhelm Bauer passed away on 16 January 1936. His 21 year old son Eberhard had to take over the company.

  • 1947:     Inauguration of the first external office in Düsseldorf, Germany. Another 21 offices were to follow.

  • 1959:     Foundation of the first subsidiaries abroad (Belgium).

  • 1962:     Eberhard Bauer acquires a small motor factory in Munich, Germany.

  • 1969:     Delivery of geared motor numbers 1 million produced after the War.

  • 1971:     New premises are inaugurated in the Munich suburb Unterschleißheim.

  • 1972:     Bauer GMC is established in Canada

  • 1973:     Bauer starts establishing assembly factories abroad, gaining ownership of most of the premises.

  • 1980:     The starting signal for a new generation of geared motors - the G-series.

  • 1984:     Eberhard Bauer dies at the age of 69. His son Rainer, together with two equal managing directors, takes over.

  • 1987:     The old data processing equipment is replaced by an IBM 4381 with a core memory capacity of 16 MB. There is a total of 74 screen workplaces.

  • 1994:     Value analytical principles form part of the development at Bauer.

  • 1997:     The launch of four completely new series under the name »BAUER 2000«.

  • 2002:     Start of production in Zlate Moravce Slovakia.

  • 2011:     Bauer becomes the newest brand in the Altra Industrial Motion Company. Bauer Gear Motor GmbH is born, to supply the world with right angle gear motors.