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The automotive industry continues to evolve every day as a result of many different factors: these include a growing and shifting global economy, technological change and changes in the political and socioeconomic landscape. Businesses in the automotive sector must respond innovatively in order to keep up with the demanding needs of this global economy and marketplace. How can production be increased? How can resources be maximized? This is where Bauer GMC steps in: we are ready to outfit your production line with gear reducers that will increase production and save your business money.


We strongly believe in the importance of investing in high quality, state-of-the-art industrial equipment you can rely on. This equipment should work for you and not against you to deliver consistent results: a breakdown is costly in the short and long-term. Our extensive line of gear reducers are manufactured to help ensure maximum efficiency and longevity of your motor or engine.


Bauer GMC has been serving the automotive industry for many years.  Our monorail design units are used all over the world by some of the biggest names in automotive manufacturing. We also partner with RHO Industries to offer a full turnkey package that includes electrical controls for any automotive application.


Whether you are looking for a complete new line or an existing line redesign, Bauer GMC is your one-stop-shop for gear reducers and other products used in automotive applications. With over 70 years combined experience in repair of gear reducers, gear motors and other products, we are ready to assist you. If you are looking to repair a piece of machinery that is not a Bauer product, we can also help you! Our in-house team of gear motor repair specialists has you covered.