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Bauer Aseptic Drive

Bauer Aseptic Drive

If you have a hygiene-critical space, the Bauer Aseptic Drive is a great solution. It is designed with hygiene in mind, having a smooth surface that allows for easy run off when cleaning, with no pockets that allow for dirt and dust to accumulate. This versatile motor can be fitted onto any gear in our BG, BF, BK or BS line.

Product range
Power rating 0,37 -2,2 kW


Combines with: 
BG Helical gears 
BF Shaft mount gears 
BK Bevel gears


Bauer Aseptic Drive Features:

  • Easy-to-clean design allowing cleaning agents to drain off completely
  • Dirt traps are avoided
  • Re-infection avoided around the motor because the fan-free design means no air turbulence occurs
  • High degree of protection (IP 67 and IP69K) as standard, with Aseptic acid and alkali resistant paint (pH2 - pH12).
  • Motor windings equipped as standard with thermistors and class F insulation.
  • Suitable for frequency inverter duty.
  • CCC certified
  • Options
  • Paint finish according to RAL tables
  • Pre-fabricated 6 wire cable, 3m long