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Bauer C-Adapter

Bauer C-Adapter

When adapting your IEC or NEMA standard motor, the Bauer C-Adapter is a great solution. This adapter can also combine with our BG, BF and BK series gear motors. Boasting simple assembly and disassembly, it is a great addition if you’re looking to adapt your gear motor.

Product range
Torque rating up to 18.500Nm


Combines with: 
BG Helical gears 
BF Shaft mount gears 
BK Bevel gears



Bauer C-Adapter Features:

  • installation space optimised
  • adaptation of IEC standard motors
  • adaptation of NEMA standard motors
  • free backlash torque transmission between motor and gear unit
  • simple assembly and disassembly of the motors
  • protection enclosure IP54 and IP65 according to ATEX
  • standard maintenance free coupling