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Three Things that Make a Stainless Steel Gear Motor Ideal for You

January 03, 2018

Stainless steel is among the strongest and most versatile materials available for industrial use. When used in gear motor design, the resulting stainless steel gear motor is one that provides a significant number of benefits over its more traditional counterparts.


A stainless steel gear motor will go a long way towards benefitting your production, thanks to its…


  • Corrosion Resistance - A stainless steel gear motor naturally stands out through the stainless steel that offers a number of useful properties to the machine. Typically, these motors are used in environments that are subject to frequent and/or powerful cleaning, as the steel provides a great deal of protection against corrosion. While “general wear-and-tear” is not typically a phrase associated with gear motors, it is even less applicable in this case.
  • Durability - A gear motor encased in stainless steel is not one that is very susceptible to bumps, scratches, denting, or anything that it might encounter through daily use. The protection afforded to each device by its casing is a significant long-term benefit over motors designed without steel plating.
  • Cost-Effectiveness - The stainless steel allows its user a certain peace of mind, specifically with regards to the longevity of the machine. While a strong drive cased with steel is certainly an investment, it is an extremely cost-effective option in the long-run, ideal for environments that take advantage of its powerful capabilities frequently or as a necessity.

At Bauer GMC, we take great pride in all of our products and projects, but the stainless steel gear motor is certainly an excellent example of one of our most useful offers. If you’d like to learn more about this stellar product, or to request a quote for your own business, feel free to contact us today; we’d love to hear from you!