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Your Guide to the Right Angle Gear Motor

January 27, 2020

Right angle gear motors are used in a myriad of industrial and assembly applications. Dependable by design, these motors are known for their ability to enhance the efficiency and productivity of everyday operations.


The Right Angle Motor Configuration


Right anglegear motor configurations are defined by the driveshaft and the output shaft – which are both fixed at 90 degrees of each other (hence the name, right angle gear motor). Bevel gears are commonly used in right angle motor configurations, and have intersecting gear shafts. Right angle motors are compact, and are great for set-ups where all working space must be maximized.


Right angle motors do not compromise on speed, efficiency, or power in their ability to also accommodate space constraints. This makes them suitable for a range of operational functions – including in industrial equipment, for use in various medical applications, material handling needs, beverage dispensing, packaging, and conveyor operations.


Types of Right Angle Motors


Within the umbrella of right angle gear motors, exist sub-categories of motors classified by the type of gear used in the motor’s configuration. The two most common types of right angle gear motors are worm gear right angle motors, and helical gear right angle motors.


Right Angle Gear Motors by Bauer GMC


Right angle motors by Bauer GMC offer excellence in their ability to provide reliability in performance, efficiency, and productivity. Our motors are finished with a sealant that acts as a preventative barrier against water and dust, and are capable of operating for hours before a lubricant change is needed.


As industry leaders in the manufacturing of gear motors in Canada, you can rest assured knowing your Bauer GMC manufactured motor is designed to stand the test of time. We hold a higher standard of excellence when it comes to product quality and customer service. You can always count on the team at Bauer to assess your needs, and find a perfectly suited motor application. For all your motor needs, call Bauer GMC today! We’d be happy to help.