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Your Guide to Bauer’s High Quality Gear Motors

August 30, 2018

Gear motors are used in a wide variety of devices, both in industrial and household applications. These electric motors are typically used in situations where a heavy object needs to be moved, like industrial cranes and household garage doors.


At Bauer GMC, we offer a selection of quality gear motors and accessories to suit a number of different applications!


BF Series

Our BF Series have proven to be a very cost-effective gear motor solution since they include hollow shafts in an entire range of sizes and can handle incredibly tough applications. These gear motors also feature low-noise gearing and can be installed in a number of different configurations.


BG Series

The BG Series is one of our best-selling products as it utilizes helical gear motors within its operation. Reliable, and highly efficient, it’s easy to see why this series are one of our best-selling since they can be mounted in any position, are quiet, and can produce high amounts of torque.


BK Series

Highly versatile and extremely reliable, our BK Series gear motors are one of our best products that we highly recommend for your specific application due to its high torque production and ability to handle tough applications.


BS Series

Much like our BF and BK Series, the BS Series may also contain hollow shafts within its entire product line. These worm gear motors are incredibly effective as it can easily be installed in very tight spaces.


Stainless Steel

Our stainless steel product line is ideal for applications where hygiene is paramount. The medical and food production industries both rely on hygiene to operate properly, and many devices used within both of these industries use gear motors. For these devices, our stainless steel gear motors are perfect!


These five product lines are just five of the various top-quality gear motors that we at Bauer GMC take immense pride in offering to our clientele across Toronto and its Greater Area. For more information on our products, feel free to browse our selection today!