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Your Guide To Bauer GMC’s AC Motor

June 06, 2018

When it comes to industrial facilities that handle food, an AC motor is often used during operation. With a growing demand in food production, many facilities need to accommodate this by producing a larger amount of food in ideally a short amount of time in order to maximize production. Luckily, an AC motor from Bauer GMC is a tool that all facilities should use due to the resistance and easy maintenance it provides.


An AC motor from Bauer GMC offers easy maintenance which makes it easy to clean – something that’s incredibly important when dealing with food!


An AC motor is an electric motor that uses an alternating current to generate energy. Inside the motor contains rotating magnets and coils of wire that, when charged, create an electromagnetic field which, through motion and interaction between magnets, generates an alternating current that operates the motor.


At Bauer GMC, we understand that an AC motor is used frequently in the food production process, which is why our AC motors are designed to be easily cleaned. Hygiene is incredibly vital in the handling of food, so anything that physically interacts with the product must always be clean to avoid contamination.


If you’re worried about damaging your AC motor when cleaning, worry no longer! Our AC motors are specifically designed to be very resistant to common cleaning products. Don’t worry about acidic and alkaline solutions. Our AC motors can handle them!


With population growth still on the rise, more food must be produced to accommodate this great increase. We at Bauer GMC offer innovative solutions to all of our clients. Regardless of whatever project you might have for us, we have the skills, the tools, and the expertise to deal with it. Big or small – no project is something we can’t handle. We’re here to service all your gear motor-related needs, so contact us today!