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Why Your Business Needs an AC Drive

January 07, 2019




If your business runs on at least one electrical motor, an AC drive may be just what you need to maximize efficiency and productivity.




These drives control the speed of electrical motors by altering the voltage and frequency of electrical power supplied to them. The idea is to control energy input instead of power output.


The AC drive has been in use for more than 30 years, and has a wide variety of applications in many different settings. Most notably, the drive can be used in HVAC operations, but is also useful for powering pumps, fans and conveyors. The following is a list of reasons why your business needs one.


Process Control

A drive can ensure that equipment and facility processes run smoothly and help you to control process output so that it precisely matches your need. You have the flexibility of tuning the entire setup of the system, as opposed to being limited to tuning individual functions separately.


Reducing System Stress

An electrical motor can become worn out due to thermal and mechanical stress caused by starting up. When a motor starts up on its own, it can take up to seven-to-eight times its full-load current to do so. An AC drive starts the motor at zero voltage, and accelerates and decelerates it smoothly. This increases the motor’s longevity.


Elimination of Voltage Sag

As mentioned earlier, electrical motors require many times their full-load current to start up, and this process drains the power distribution system connected to the motor. What results is a voltage sag in the power supply, which impacts other equipment connected to the same system, such as computers and sensors. An AC drive can eliminate this issue and keep all of your equipment functioning.


Energy Savings and Sustainability

A reduction in energy use can be achieved by using a drive to improve the efficiency of your motor. In addition to this, drives can convert energy from renewable resources, like the sun or wind, to produce electrical energy for your business operations. Since motors use 40% of electrical energy, the sustainable energy use afforded by an AC drive would make a world of a difference.


Whether you’re in the HVAC business, running a food or beverage processing facility or manufacturing products of any kind, you’ll need a motor. So why not upgrade your motor with an AC drive and enjoy all of these benefits? Contact us if you want to start increasing productivity and saving money!  


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