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Why You Should Invest Your Money on a Bauer Motor

March 18, 2020

Bauer motor products offer trendsetting technologies for energy-efficient geared motors and drives that are tailored to fit in any application. 


They are especially convenient if you are in a situation where space is very limited, as the various motor designs allow highly efficient drive solutions without the need for more space.


The flexibility of mounting options has paved the way for unmatched integration possibilities. The fact that motor parts also have a high level of interchangeability for all of the brands motor components is an added bonus. With results in reduced costs, faster deliveries, and more options to consider, there are plenty of reasons why you should invest in a Bauer motor.


Thanks to both internal and external reinforced gearboxes, case hardened forged and ground gears, and generously dimensioned bearings, it also means low and quicker maintenance services. The brand’s superior protection ensures that every motor is dust-tight and hose proof. You can use the geared motor both indoors and outdoors or even in environments that can be dusty without requiring further enclosure. 


If you are thinking of investing in a Bauer motor, what you will get in return is a plethora of benefits including the following: 


  • As much as 40% more energy savings 
  • Smaller installation space needed 
  • Compact drive unit
  • Higher torque with same motor frame size
  • Lower number of variants due to higher efficiency 
  • Design security because of reserves in the motor drive unit capacity
  • Meeting the energy efficiency requirements of future standards
  • Fully enclosed and protected against dust and water 
  • Lubrication change first after 15,000 hours of use
  • Quieter noise gearing



Bauer GMC provides high quality and dependable gear motors for all your business’s needs. To learn more about our motors and the services we provide, call us now at 905-814-5152 and we’ll be happy to discuss what the best options are for you.