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What You Need to Know About Right Angle Gear Motors

February 19, 2019

When investing in a gear motor, it’s important to consider the differences between right angle and parallel gear motors. In addition to the difference in angle (as suggested by the name), there are many other differences between the two. This includes durability, efficiency, sound level, and suitability when it comes to specific applications. Let’s familiarize ourselves with the characteristics of each type. At Bauer GMC, we not only provide high quality products, but we also want you to know how to use them. So, we have created this handy guide to right angle vs. parallel gear motors. 


Right Angle Gear Motors

As their name implies, right angle gear motors have a driveshaft and an output shaft which are at 90 degrees to each other. In this type of gear motor, bevel gears are commonly used. Bevel geared right angle gear motors have intersecting shafts which use either straight, helical or spiral gears. Our right angle motors can be easily installed into tight fitting places, making them a perfect fit for your manufacturing operation. They are designed to take up minimal space, while still supplying top quality precision and power. Our motors are completely sealed against water spray and dust, can operate for 15000 hours before lubrication change is needed, and are specialized for lower noise levels. 


Parallel Shaft Gear Motors

Parallel shaft gear motors, as the suggests, have shafts that are parallel to one another. These types of gear motors are suitable to work with very flat gearbox because of their shafts are set in parallel planes. Unlike right angle gear motors (which use bevel gears), parallel shaft gear motors use spur gears with straight teeth parallel to the reducer’s driveshaft. Helical gears transfer speed and power, and double helical gears are perfect for applications requiring great thrust loads.


Whether a right angle or parallel gear motor is a better fit for you, Bauer has you covered. Simply give us a call, and we will help you find the right product for you. You can't go wrong with gear motors from Bauer GMC.