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What Sets Right Angle Motors Apart From Other Motors

January 21, 2019

There are different types of geared motors available to provide your business or facility with an efficient source of motive power. These types include concentric, parallel and right angle gear motors. Each of these types of motors have a different shaft arrangement—the location of the high speed and low speed shaft extensions in relation to each other. Concentric drives have their high and low speed shafts on the same plane, which allows several drives to be placed in a row. Parallel drives have their high and low speed shafts parallel to each other on a horizontal plane and are used for applications that require high torque and horsepower.




Right angle gear motors are distinct from other types of motors in that the high and low speed shafts are aligned at a 90-degree angle to each other.



The structuring of the motor in this way reduces the amount of space that the motor takes up, and so it is the ideal motor to use in situations or facilities with space constraints. If you need a motor that can be positioned at an angle to the machinery it’s powering, the right angle motor will do the job. This type of motor is also useful if your input shaft needs to be hollow or requires a set of attachments.


Within the category of right angle motors, there are several smaller categories of motors based on the types of gears that make up the motor. Two common types of gears used in these motors are worm gears and helical gears. Worm gears consist of a screw that interlocks with a larger wheel, while helical gears consist of a wheel with angled teeth cut parallel to the shaft.


Right angle gear motors are able to provide speed, torque and efficiency in their applications and are typically used in medical applications and to power industrial equipment and conveyors. These motors do not come, however, without their drawbacks. The worm motor has a lower performance ratio than a parallel motor as its gear stages produce large thrust and radial forces, which results in an increased loss of power at each stage. This right angle motor is also noisier, although this issue could be resolved with helical gears. Regardless of these drawbacks, the right angle motor introduces a level of efficiency into your facility operations as any other geared motor would. If space is a major consideration in your facility, the right angle motor is the best option for you.


At Bauer GMC we have a line of right angle gear motors called the BS series. These worm motors are designed to be installed easily and take up minimal space. Our BS series motors include all standard features, and we can provide hollow shafts of varying sizes. We can guarantee that our motors are reliable and have the precision and power to meet your needs!