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What is an AC gear motor and where to find it.

March 23, 2016

An alternating current is the flow of charge that changes its direction in an alternating pattern. As a result, the voltage level reverses all along with the current. AC current is produced using an alternator which is a special device used to produce alternating current. This is the technique used in AC Gear motors. Compared to the DC, an AC gear motor is generally smaller, less expensive more rugged and much lighter. 

An AC gear motor has in it a rotor and a stator with coils while on the other hand a DC gear motor may have a rotating armature winding with a magnetic field. The AC kinds of gear motors have more advantages as compared to the DC kind of gear motors. For one, they have much more advanced speed control ability than the DC gear motors. They can be regulated to almost one percent of the required speed. They are also cheaper than the DC geared motors. As a matter of fact, an AC motor together with its drive can cost much lesser than a single motor of a DC geared motor.

With all these advantages, an AC gear motor may also have its own drawbacks because they are not very powerful as compared to the DC geared type.  Most people get around this weakness by purchasing a high performance kind of an AC geared motor. Engine cooling is a crucial thing when it comes to long term performance thereby requiring energy efficient motors which have adjustable frequency drives. There are several things to consider when working with AC gear motors. At Bauer GMC, such energy efficient gear motors are available. As a matter of fact, we can have them customized accordingly.

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