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Variable Speed Drive: Frequently Asked Questions

July 30, 2021

One of the most frequently used technologies to decrease the energy of electric motors is the variable speed drive. It not only reduces energy consumption, it also optimizes the efficiency of your system’s process. In today’s post, a discussion about variable speed drives with answers to common questions will follow.

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What is the difference between VSD and VFD?

Both of them optimize the efficiency of electric motors by modifying an electric motor’s speed. However, VSDs modify the speed by altering the input voltage. Also, they can be used with both AC and DC motors. In the case of variable frequency drives (VFDs), they control the torque and speed of AC motors by altering their voltage and frequency.

What is the difference between a VSD and Soft Starter?

VSDs allow you to alter the speed of the electric motor at any given time. On the other hand, once the motor is up and running, it continues to run at full speed after a soft starter is used.

What are the advantages of VSDs?

Like variable frequency drives, VSDs allow better control of your system’s process. By better controlling your motor speed, you also increase the lifespan of coupling devices for instance. Above all else, you can save money on the energy costs of the system without compromising on efficiency and reliability.

What are the disadvantages of VSDs?

The only main disadvantage of VSDs is their relatively high upfront cost. However, they are a cost-effective option considering the efficiency and reliability that can be offered to your system.

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