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Variable Speed Drive 101

May 11, 2021

A variable speed drive can be referred to by a number of different names, such as a variable-frequency drive, AC drive, micro drive, or inverter drive. This type of equipment is used in electro-mechanical systems. Its purpose is to control AC motor speed as well as torque, and it achieves this with differing motor input frequencies and voltages. Variable speed drives contribute to several applications, including small appliances and large compressors. In fact, approximately 25% of the Earth’s electrical energy is taken in by electric motors within industrial designs. The systems that feature them can be more efficient over those with throttling control of fluid flow, like in systems containing pumps and damper control for fans.


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A device of this kind is found in drive systems that consist of three central sub-systems: an AC motor, a main drive controller assembly, and a drive/operator interface.


In many cases of fixed-speed motor load applications, being supplied from AC line power directly, energy can be saved when they run at variable speed with the help of variable speed drives.

An advantage of these overall drives is that process and quality improvements are created. This can impact the acceleration, flow, monitoring, pressure, speed, temperature, tension, and torque of industrial and commercial applications. A variable speed drive is able to keep a motor running in certain patterns as well. A result of this is the further reduction of mechanical and electrical stress.

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