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Understanding How AC Motors Work

March 25, 2024
Industrial-grade AC motors from Bauer GMC in Mississauga, ON

Motors are a crucial part of the industrial world. They power machinery and equipment crucial for the functioning of industrial plants. They are the underlying element powering conveyor belts and industrial power tools What's more? Motors are not limited to just the industrial world. They can be found in everything from ceiling fans and washing machines to water pumps and compressors. There are two major types of motors — AC and DC. This blog sheds light on AC motors and discusses their functioning.


How AC Motors Work: The Basic Principles

The AC in AC motors stands for alternating current. DC motor, the other major motor type, runs on direct current. At the heart of an AC motor is a magnetic field generated by passing alternating current through wire coils. This magnetic field interacts with another fixed magnetic field, causing the rotor – the rotating part of the motor – to turn. This changing polarity is key to the functioning of the motor as it creates a rotating magnetic field. This magnetic field propels the motor. The rotor doesn't stop spinning thanks to the fluctuating polarity, thus powering various equipment and machinery.


Types of AC Motors

Induction Motor 

Also known as an asynchronous motor, this is one of the most common types of AC motors. This motor functions by leveraging the basic principle of electromagnetic induction. The simple design and reliability of induction motors make them highly sought after. 


Synchronous Motor

As the name suggests, this motor operates at a constant speed. The frequency of the electrical supply determines the motor's speed. Synchronous motors are ideal for applications demanding control over speed, such as in power plants and HVAC systems.


AC motors are a fundamental component of various electrical systems, powering various devices from household appliances to industrial machinery. Bauer GMC situated in Mississauga, ON, is a trusted manufacturer and supplier of variable speed drives and gearing products to clients across Canada. You can count on us to source gear motors and reducers. Contact us today at 905-814-5152 to get a free quote or place an order.