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Types Of Right Angle Gear Motors

October 11, 2023

Right-angle gear motors, also known as perpendicular or 90-degree gear motors, are a type of power transmission system that combines a motor and gears to produce rotational motion at right angles. The main feature that sets them apart from other types of gear motors is the change in direction of rotation. These compact and efficient machines are commonly used in various industries such as robotics, automation, automotive, and manufacturing. Their unique design makes them ideal for applications where space is limited or when there is a need to transmit power around corners.


Types of right angle gear motors


1. Worm Gear Motors:

One common type of right-angle gear motor is the worm gear motor. This type utilizes a worm screw that meshes with a worm wheel to transmit power at right angles. Worm gear motors are known for their high reduction ratios, making them suitable for applications requiring slow speed but high torque output. They are often used in conveyor systems, lifts, and other heavy-duty machinery.


2. Bevel Gear Motors:

Another type of right-angle gear motor is the bevel gear motor. Bevel gears have teeth that are cut on a conical surface instead of a cylindrical one like most other gears. This allows them to transmit power efficiently at right angles while also allowing for changes in direction or orientation. Bevel gear motors are commonly found in automotive differentials, printing presses, and woodworking equipment.


3. Hypoid Gear Motors:

The third type of right-angle gear motor is the hypoid gear motor. Hypoid gears have curved teeth that mesh together smoothly without intersecting axes like bevel gears do. This design results in improved efficiency and reduced noise compared to other types of gear. Hypoid gear motors find application in robotics, medical devices, and industrial automation systems.


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