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Troubleshooting AC Drive Motors

August 18, 2017

With the high cost of maintenance work on AC drive motors, knowledge in basic troubleshooting may help in incurring this expense.  The following are the basic steps in troubleshooting AC drive motors.

  • Notation. This is the simplest and most basic step in troubleshooting AC drive motors. Knowing the manufacturer, model and serial number can help in finding more information about the unit. This can also be passed along for after sales services such as repair and parts replacement, as this makes the whole process much easier.
  • Testing. This step can easily be done through the use of an industrial tester tool. Connecting the AC drive motor to a connector would determine if power runs through the unit. Any short-circuiting or power flow issues can easily be found, thus isolating the issue on the spot for easy repair and/or replacement.
  • Power. Running the AC drive motor via electrical power would determine if the unit is operational. If the AC drive motor does not run, or has warning lights flashing or runs then dies out, then the issue may be power input.
  • Reporting. Going through these simples steps can help identify the problem much more easily and decreases the work time of the external maintenance worker. Reporting each step of this AC drive motor troubleshooting would help give the repair person an easier time in correcting the problem or recommending the proper course of action.

This is a simple troubleshooting checklist for an AC drive motor.

Taking notes of the build of the AC drive, the simple industrial testing kit, the power run and the reporting of the noticeable behavior of the unit can only help in making the repair work easier. Not only would the work hours for repair be lessened, the user learns the unit and possible sources of the issues in the AC drive operation.