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Tips to Prevent Motor Failure

November 18, 2020

Many applications are no longer powered with a direct current but with an AC motor that reverses the current direction of about 50 times per second. Particularly, in an electric drive system, it’s the AC motor that transforms the electrical energy stored in large batteries to mechanical energy. This electric motor is made up of a stationary part called the stator and a moving part called the rotor. The rotor consists of a series of magnets while the stator that carries the current usually takes the form of an iron ring, which is designed to create a rotating magnetic field.


Once properly selected and well-maintained, an AC motor can last a very long time. Selection and maintenance of this device is a real science and you have to be cautious about which type and model you choose for your particular application. Or else, premature motor failure can occur and rack up repair and replacement costs. Apart from these things, it is also crucial to know the possible causes of motor failure to prevent them from happening in the first place.


Here are a few things to avoid:


Placing the gear motor in working environments which are not suitable

Doing this will only subject the motor to stressful conditions, particularly the gearbox sealing package, and result in poor heat dissipation or lubricant problems. As such, protecting the gear motor is vital to avoid operational issues and extend its service life.


Subjecting the AC motor to excessive overhung loadings

This mistake can damage the bearing support system of the AC motor. An overloaded shaft will result in fatigue failure. The same can happen if the shafts were under high thrust forces, surpassing bearing capacities and structural housing strengths.


Shock loads due to excessive acceleration or deceleration

Shock loads caused by too much deceleration or acceleration and from excessive inertia loads can also fractures to the gear teeth. Other potential sources of a motor failure are too many torsional loadings and diameter changes.


Make sure you maintain your motors well, and you can help save on costs and ensure productive operations. Feel free to call the experts at Bauer GMC for support!