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Three Reasons To Choose Danfoss Drives

June 06, 2022

At Bauer GMC, we consider quality as the backbone of our business. That is why we deal in nothing less than top-quality motor products and accessories. Choosing Bauer GMC products and accessories will help you reduce downtime and also save time and money. To maintain our promise we have partnered with Danfoss for variable frequency drives.

Danfoss boasts over 89 years of experience in AC drive manufacturing. The VLT series of Danfoss drives are ideal for smooth business operations. Danfoss’ AC drives cater to a wide range of businesses. Check out their key features in this blog.

Three Reasons To Choose Danfoss Drives

Advanced innovation:
Danfoss drives have never compromised innovation ever since beginning its operations in 1933. Danfoss' VLT series drives are renowned for positively impacting countless industries. Danfoss drives are the perfect solution for all kinds of industries, from water systems and automated systems to HVAC and chemical processing. You can trust them to provide maximum output with efficient energy saving.

Corporate responsibility:
Danfoss has been around for a while which gives it an edge over its competitors. This company has invariably believed in constant improvement with minimum impact on the environment. Danfoss' primary objective has always been manufacturing drives that deliver maximum efficiency while ensuring the best use of the energy. Danfoss also joined the UN Global Compact, a voluntary initiative to implement universal sustainability, in 2002.

Decades of experience:
Experience is the key to understanding client needs and delivering them the best products. With nearly nine decades of experience, Danfoss has forged an unbreakable relationship with its customers. Not many can match the quality and reliability provided by Danfoss drives even today.

Our skilled personnel gladly await to assist you with your needs. Contact us today to learn more about an AC motor and also the wide range of products and services associated with it.