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The VSD and Its Energy Saving Characteristics

May 08, 2020

Due to its high efficiency and reliability, variable speed drives (VSD) have been increasingly used for high-speed pumps and industrial compressors. In most of the electric motors employed in this drive technology, there are different excitation forces to work with the various forces inside such as mechanical and electromagnetic forces. Variable speed drives are perhaps the best method for adjusting the speed of a motor in order to accommodate the varying demands of the process.


Over the last few years, the performance of VSDs has improved significantly while its cost has decreased tremendously.


The uniqueness of a variable speed drive stems from its ability to take into account the fixed-frequency electrical supply, which controls both the mechanical power output and the power used to enable the motor to run at its most efficient speed, as well as the overall process’ efficiency. The amount of control needed to improve the process depends on several factors, including temperature, pressure, flow rate, and more. In some cases, a small decrease in the speed of a fan, pump, or compressor may result in a huge decrease in the energy consumption of the VSD.


For instance, reducing the speed of a motor by 10% can decrease the energy use of the variable speed drive by about 40%. Likewise, a pump pressure reduction of around 20% can decrease energy consumption by almost 28%. This is the most compelling reason why most operations use this kind of drive. It comes in various types as well. One of the more popular types is the DC drive employed in industrial environments.


The most recent advancement made in drive technology is the variable frequency drive, which uses a solid-state electronic circuit to change or adjust the frequency and motor power, thus varying its speed. The use of this advanced drive technology further increases the savings that companies gain by being able to pull off reduced energy consumption.


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