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The Various Uses of an AC Gear Motor

August 16, 2018

An AC gear motor is a type of gear motor whose various brands and types come in a variety of power ranges. An AC gear motor is optimal for all continuous and unidirectional operation processes such as conveyor systems and industrial pumps and blowers.


An AC gear motor has such a wide variety of applications!


A gear motor is a special type of electrical motor that is built for the production of high torque. This is done while maintaining a low-speed and low-torque performance. An AC gear motor is usually found in several types of applications such as those used in your home, but also has a number of others, including:


  • Moving Heavy Objects – In many commercial applications, an AC gear motor is typically used in order to be able to exert a huge amount force in moving a heavy object. Thus, AC gear motors work with the lift jack and crane. Speed reduction and increase of torque or force are the two qualities of the crane that make this function possible.
  • Creation of Great Amounts of Torque – This is achieved through the extremely low rotational output speed. The low RPM speed will produce high amounts of force that can be used for lifting heavy objects.
  • Reduction of Speed – The series of gears that are attached to the main motor need its speed reduced. The second shaft is then connected to a series of gears in order to create a series of reduction gears. These reduction gears would improve and optimize performance.


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