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The Various Applications of Bauer Gear Motors

March 15, 2019

Bauer is a reputable name in the electro motor manufacturing industry. Since 1927, Bauer gear motors have become known for their efficiency, reliability, and quality. Bauer manufactures a range of motors – including worm motors, helical motors, in addition to many more. Experienced in manufacturing solutions for rolling mills, food and beverage applications, and material handling industries – the applications of Bauer motors are seemingly endless.


Various Types of Bauer Motors


Bauer is known for providing state-of-the-art energy efficient motor solutions. Each model specifies suggested utility when it comes to factors like speed and torque. Bauer offers a wide range of motors which can be used for a diverse number of applications.

Check out a few of the benefits to using our models below:


  • BF Series Motor – Our BF Bauer motors are guaranteed to be reliable, efficient and economical. They include user-friendly standard features including hollow shafts available in various sizes.
  • BG Series Motor – The BG Series is one of our best-selling and most economical motor options. It also includes excellent standard features.
  • BK Series Motor – The BK Series are one of our only lines of hollow-shaft motors. Consisting of heavy-duty steel, and modern-gearbox design – these models are known for their reliability, economy, and overall efficiency.
  • BS Series Motor – Known for setting a new standard when it comes to reliability, our BS Series motors are easily installable regardless of how tight the application may be. Like the rest of our motor series, the BS Series is also economical.


The Latest Innovation in Gear Motors and Motor Repair


As the Canadian division of Bauer Worldwide, Bauer GMC offers the experience and capabilities necessary to provide high-quality, reliable, and economical gear motor solutions tailored to the specific applications of our clients. We prioritize customer satisfaction and would gladly assist you in your next project. Give us a call – we’d love to help!