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The Two Main Kinds of AC Motor

November 27, 2017

An AC motor can be an incredibly useful device for a very wide variety of applications. The device runs on alternating currents, which are used to produce magnetic fields, which in turn create mechanical energy. The earliest of these motor types were being developed late in the nineteenth century, and yet they are still extremely useful devices that see considerable use today.


AC Motors can usually be classified by two primary categories:


  • Induction Motor: An induction motor is operated through electromagnetic induction created by dual magnetic fields. In this kind of motor, one magnetic field is produced around a rotor, which rotates thanks to the alternating currents that feed it. The rotor conducts its own magnetic force, which mirrors the rotation of the outer field as it attempts to catch up with it to cancel it out, much in the same way that two opposite magnet poles repel each other. The relative simplicity of the design makes this a popular choice across a great many industries.
  • Synchronous Motor:  This type of motor, on the other hand, uses the frequency of the supply current to control the rotation of the shaft. Unlike with induction motors, the rotation of the two magnetic fields perfectly match each other.

In terms of operation, the synchronous motor is able to maintain speed of operation regardless of load. On the other hand, an induction motor’s performance is greatly affected by the load capacity of the motor as well as the slip.

There are various reasons to want each type of AC motor, though in each case, the design allows for a great many applications. At Bauer GMC, the AC motor has been a part of our operations for a long time, and we would be more than happy to advise and to help you with any and all queries regarding these machines – give us a call today to see how we can help boost your productivity!