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The Role of Gear Motors in the Automotive Manufacturing Industry in Canada

June 21, 2018

Light vehicle sales reached peak height in 2016 with 17.46 million units, but it is expected to average just above 16 million for the next five years. However, manufacturers have led globalization efforts and developed more efficient techniques of manufacturing vehicles. This manufacturing process can be classified into two: parts manufacturing and vehicle assembly. Both of these processes have one significant thing in common, the use of a gear motor.


Gear motors are very important components in the conveying and assembly systems producing many vehicles. A modern, large scale automotive assembly plant typically has thousands of gear motors.


They come in various types for specific applications in the industrial process.


In manufacturing mass-produced automobiles, conveyors and equipment are used to bring the parts and assemblies to a place where robots and workers are tasked to do a specific function of assembling a car. Thousands of gear motors keep the mechanism of the process moving. When building a new automotive plant, for an instance, or upgrading it with new equipment, multiple conveyors, automated transfer vessels, stamping presses, and more are involved. The equipment manufacturer can opt for industrial components such as a gear motor, but keep to a product specification to keep maintenance and spare parts supply more consistent and easier.  


Gear motors are versatile tools that are widely used in countless industries. Some of the applications for useful mechanism include garage door openers, stair lifts, timer cycle knobs on washing machines, power drills, cake mixers and much more. That makes a gear motor very important in important Canadian industries.  A well-fabricated gear motor will boost performance and market competitiveness in just about any type of production line or industrial service.


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