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The Right Angle Gear Motor
The Right Angle Gear Motor
April 02, 2017

Right angle gear motors are a gear system with gears that interlock with each other at 90 degrees. They are used in applications that require carrying loads perpendicular to an axis. These applications may be in the medical field as well in conveyor systems. These gearboxes are found in various types for various tasks.

Types of right angle gear motors include offset gears which are used in pump dispensers and food and beverage equipment. They allow for parallel access of the power of the central shaft. Hypoid gears allow installation of bearings and therefore offer more support. Helical gears are quieter during operation and are good for reducing load stresses. Worm gears are excellent for applications that require high single speed reduction.

Right angle gear boxes are available in metal or in plastic. They have the ability to multiply torque even at low speeds. They are durable, strong, and lightweight. One can customize the material on the shaft, the length of the shaft as well as the manner of connection to machines. They are made to withstand daily, heavy power transmission applications where right angle motion is required. Right angle gear motors can be used together with other gear motors.

However, right angle gear boxes have rather complex designs compared to the hollow shaft gear boxes. This gearbox has higher noise levels and lower efficiency levels compared to its planetary counterpart.

In order for the right angle gear motors to function at an optimum level, it must be installed precisely. Every piece should fit perfectly with the other pieces. Appropriate installation tools that ensure proper and tight screwing of bolts should be used. Otherwise, the gear system may break down during operation.

After installation, it is recommended that the gear motor be tested to confirm proper function before being applied in actual work.

Fascinating read!
Posted by: George M. | June 6, 2017, 10:23 am
I didn't know I had to consider any of this in selecting an angle gear boxes. Thanks for the advice!
Posted by: Julian W. | May 15, 2017, 4:23 pm
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