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The Reason Behind the Popularity of Bauer Geared Motors

September 06, 2018

Bauer GMC’s gear motor is a globally recognized for quality, efficiency and reliability. They are often an integral part in many industrial and manufacturing processes.


With a high quality gear motor, any project can increase productivity and maintain an ideal level of production.


At Bauer, we understand the value of modern technology and design as well as reliable and proven mechanics. Since 1927, we have provided gear motors, upgrades, maintenance and repair services of the highest quality, focusing on innovative, energy-efficient solutions with complete reliability.

Our engineered solutions and motors can be found in a very wide variety of industries such as food and beverage, alternative energy, wastewater, concrete and construction, the steel industry as well as material handling operations. These applications often demand technically advanced drive solutions with energy-efficient motors.  With optimum gearbox settings, we can provide the competitive ownership cost for high quality gear motors.


Our wide range of motors include shaft-mounted geared motors, helical geared motors, bevel-geared motors, worm geared motors, aseptic drives, monorail motor drives, C-adapter motor connection, and many more accessories to optimize any process.

With Bauer GMC, your business can count on full capability and technical expertise, with assembly centers in Ontario and British Columbia. We have a reliable, established distribution network across Canada committed to provide local support, quick turnaround times and easy access to gear motor upgrades, maintenance, and repair.


We take pride in offering only gear motors and drives that meet the highest standard of quality, partnering with reputable and trusted manufacturers like Eberhard and Danfoss to meet a very wide range of industrial and commercial challenges. We specialize in dedicated technical service and consulting, offering customized solutions, upgrades and professional maintenance.


Contact Bauer GMC today to speak with one of our experts about gear motor solutions and upgrades.