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The Professional’s Choice: Bauer Gearmotor

August 23, 2018

At Bauer GMC, we lead the industry by providing high quality, reliable gearmotors as well as upgrades, maintenance and repair services for any application or facility. We take pride in our technical expertise, modern facilities, and our ability to find optimal solutions for any project.


Our extensive range of  gearmotors includes bevel gear motors, worm gear motors, helical gear motors, and many more.


Moreover, we provide engineered solutions for enterprises as diverse as rolling mills, food and beverage applications, material handling and turbines.


Cutting-edge Bauer gearmotors feature the industry’s latest innovations in design and energy efficiency. They are available with specified torque, attachment, and speed options. Our team of professionals can help you ensure the success of your project within budget and on time.


  • BF Series Gear Motor – Our BF Bauer gear motors are reliable, efficient and economical. They include hollow shafts in various sizes, versatile installation possibilities and low noise gearing.
  • BG Series Gear Motor - This is one of our best-selling models and one of the most economical in the Bauer gearmotor series. It is completely sealed against dust or water spray to ensure durability.
  • BK Series Gear Motor – These hollow shaft motors also have reliability, economy and efficiency. They are fabricated with heavy duty steel and a modern gearbox housing design.
  • BS Series Gear Motor – This series is also extremely economical and can be easily installed with the tightest of spaces. It is ideal for increasing efficiency and decreasing expenses.


We carry variable speed drives as well as many types of gearing products essential in many industries across the country. We strive to provide the highest level of technical expertise and advice, ensuring your project counts on optimal machinery.


Contact or visit Bauer GMC today to learn more about gearmotors, repairs, upgrades or maintenance with the experts.