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The Most Common Right Angle Gear Motors Used Today

March 04, 2020


A right angle gear motor is designed with a driveshaft and an output shaft of the speed reducer that are positioned 90 degrees from each other. Interestingly, the shafts can cross on a single plane or on two parallel planes resulting in an axial motion, whichever is required for the transmission.

In the modern industry, right angle gear motors are perfect for applications where space is restricted. These gear motors should create enough speed, torque and efficiency to perform its intended function.

Usually, bevel gears and worm drives are used for single stage speed reducers. Specifically, worm drives that work with short stages can offer self-locking features. Here are some of the most common gear motors used today.


Bevel Geared Right Angle Gear Motors


The most common example is bevel geared right-angle gear motors with intersecting shafts that use, helical, straight or spiral bevel gears. Remarkably, Bauer gear motors can be easily installed into tight spaces which makes it a perfect fit for different manufacturing applications. Gear motors can also operate for as long as 15,000 hours before lubrication change is required which will result in saving productivity costs.


Hypoid Gearboxes


Another example is hypoid gearboxes with helical bevel gear trains in which shafts are positioned in a right angle with a displaced shaft. Notably, bevel gearboxes offer higher gear ratios per stage than classic bevel gears.


Speed Reducers


And last but not the least, right angle speed reducers using bevel gears can be combined with other types of speed reducers, such as planetary speed reducers. This combination offers great versatility in a variety of applications due to the wide range of gear ratios.


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