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The Importance of Proper Maintenance for Gearmotors

June 24, 2019

Just within automotive applications, there are several types of gearmotors that are used in essential components. For friction drive systems, small concentric and right angle motors are ideal. Concentric types are suitable in overhead chain conveyors while right angle gear motors are applicable in many types of conveyors, small lifts, monorails and more. Vehicle bodies in an automotive assembly plant are moved by various kinds of lifts from floor conveyors to overhead conveyors and vice versa. The gearmotors used in these lifts have to be properly sized and carefully chosen to handle high shock loads.

Especially for applications that are particularly vital to an operation or assembly process, a backup gearmotor might be necessary. Considering the scope of the essential roles of gearmotors in the automated manufacturing industry, it is crucial to promote proper management and maintenance of gearmotors.

  • Preventive and Predictive Maintenance - this type of approach is important as it can help ensure that the device works optimally without experiencing unexpected failures and shutdowns, all the while keeping you prepared for potential issues so that operations do not grind to an immediate halt upon the first instance of trouble.
  • Routine Maintenance - the kind of maintenance applies to different kinds of components. Typically, the common wear parts of a gear motor include the bearings, seals, brake pads, and reduction components. These are the components that need the most attention from routine maintenance.
  • Lubrication - the application of the right lubricant is crucial to the productivity and lifespan of a gearmotor. The primary goal of lubrication is to prevent dry friction, enhance lifespan, and increase efficiency of the machine. It also means less downtime due to repairs or replacements. The common lubrication types to use for gear motors are oil and grease.


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