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The Importance of Lubricating Worm Gear Motors

January 21, 2020

Worm gearmotors undergo a lot of wear and tear due to the nature of the applications they are typically used for. Worm gear motors function as speed reducers across a large range of heavy-duty, industrial applications. They are chosen for their ability to provide large speed reductions while confined to smaller spaces, and for their ability to transmit large loads at high-speed ratios. It is because of these reasons that worm gears have unique lubrication needs.


Worm drives tend to under-perform for a myriad of reasons, including the lead angle of the worm drive, the sliding speed, the quality of the surface, installation conditions and lubrication.


In today’s blog we’ll discuss the importance of lubrication for peak worm gear performance.


Common Lubrication Issues


Worm gearmotors operate in a sideways sliding motion, making it difficult for the purpose of maintaining a lubricated hydrodynamic wedge component. This is one of the primary reasons why worm gears underperform due to lubrication issues.

Worm gears also function best at certain operating temperatures – typically temperatures around 80 degrees Celsius, which necessitates lubricant oils with an ISO VG of 460 or higher. The lubricants should also provide optimal thermal and oxidative properties to ensure peak performance.


Common Worm Gear Lubricants


Most worm gear lubricants are compounded mineral oils, EP mineral gear oils, and similar synthetics. The three most common types of worm gear lubricants are compounded gear oils, extreme pressure gear oils, and synthetic worm gear oils.

Compounded gear oils with viscosities from ISO 460-680 are commonly used, however a growing number of EP mineral gear oils are used for consolidation purposes as well. Synthetics have also proven to provide great lubrication, but should only be used when temperatures reach slightly above 80 degrees Celsius because they tend to reduce in lower temperatures.


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