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The Essential Guide to Gear Motors

November 27, 2019

If you’re interested in purchasing a gear motor for your industrial application, it is essential to have an understanding of the basics. As its name suggests, gear-type motors are defined by the series of gears that make up the kinematic chain. The kinematic chain aids in altering the speed of electric motors. It is for this reason that gear-type motors play an essential role in the operations of motor-powered machinery.


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The primary purpose of gear-type motors is to promote the seamless reduction of high speeds to lower speeds without negatively impacting its configuration. It does this using the gear train (a system composed of mounting gears fixed on a frame so the gear teeth come in contact), and by use of either alternating current or direct current power.


The gears in the gear train system work to change the shaft speed into torque based on pre-determined ratios. This ensures the gradual reduction from a higher speed to a lower speed.




The versatility and flexibility of gear-type motors make them essential in many of the applications we rely on every day. Any application that requires high torque and low power output will often find utility using a gear-type motor. Common examples include garage door openers, washing machines, electric alarm clocks, and commercial cranes and jacks.


Gear-type motors aren’t used in applications that necessitate a high shaft speed. Common examples of applications that won’t require a gear-type motor include fans, pumps, and engine starters.


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