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The Essential Bauer Gear Motor Guide

October 12, 2018

At Bauer GMC, we are the leaders in the gear motor industry. We have the best gear motors in terms of functionality and efficiency. Founded in 1927, our Bauer gear motor has defined itself as the highest quality and most reliable gear motor of all time. The optimal gearboxes provide our valued customers with low-cost gear motor operations.


With a wide range of products, including bevel gear motors, worm gear motors, helical gear motors, and more, our team at Bauer has cemented themselves as one of the greats. Moreover, our team has engineered solutions that are found in rolling mills, applications in the food and beverage industry, and material handling applications on turbines.


The Bauer gear motor is reliable, efficient, and meets your exact needs and specifications!


Bauer motors are featured with cutting edge technology and innovations in gear design and energy efficiency. In fact, every Bauer gear motor model is available with a specified torque and speed option. Our reliable team of expert professionals are always happy to assist with any gear motor related questions and concerns.


Here are a few popular Bauer gear motor models:


  • BF Series Gear Motor: Our BF Bauer gear motors are guaranteed reliable, efficient, and economical. They have unparalleled standard features that include hollow shafts in various sizes.
  • BG Series Gear Motor: This is our best-selling model and one of the most economical among the Bauer series. This one includes excellent standard features of a gear motor that is ideally for applied helical gear motor solutions.
  • BK Series Gear Motor: This series is one of hollow shaft motors. It is made of heavy duty steel with a modern gearbox housing design. It is perfect for jobs that have harsh conditions.
  • BS Series Gear Motor: This series is also extremely economical and can be easily installed even with the tightest of applications. This is actually the new Bauer standard for reliability and economy.


Since 2002, Bauer GMC has been an industry leader in gear motor development. We deliver variable speed drives, as well as many types of gearing products to all industries across the country. We guarantee exceptional customer satisfaction. Call or email us to learn more about our products!