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The Efficiency Of An AC Motor

July 13, 2018

An AC motor is typically used in numerous manufacturing and production processes. We at Bauer GMC are continuously working to provide innovative gear motor solutions for our clients. We are well known for our high quality AC motor products.


An AC motor from us at Bauer GMC provides efficiency and allows for ease of maintenance for your manufacturing processes!


The “AC” in an AC motor stands for “Alternating Current”. Aptly named, an AC motor uses an alternating current to produce energy. This type of motor functions using rotating magnets and coils of wire. These rotating magnets become charged, and through motion, help generate an electromagnetic field that produces power.


AC motors are widely used around the world. From machines utilized in manufacturing and industrial processes, to common home appliances, AC motors are used to power a variety of machines, appliances, buildings, and items.


In the food and beverage industry, AC motors are used to power production lines. When dealing with food, it’s imperative that hygiene is prioritized and addressed, in order to reduce the risk of any contamination. With an AC motor from Bauer GMC, hygiene is no longer an issue! Our AC motors are designed to be easily cleaned and resistant to common cleaning products, allowing you to increase productivity by reducing downtime for maintenance!


We at Bauer GMC take great pride in the capabilities that our AC motor products have in the food and beverage industry. The efficiency of our products will maximize the profitability and productivity of your company. This will also increase the demand for gear motor solutions which push us to improve upon our already exceptional service and quality of our products!


If you already have gear products that are efficient, durable and reliable, Bauer GMC can be your trusted partner in providing quality gear motor solutions for you. We have the best engineers and technicians with the skills, and expertise, as well as the motivation and commitment to provide you with the best product possible.