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The Benefits of an AC Gear Motor

December 29, 2020

It is approximated that more than 40% of the world’s electricity consumption comes from the use of electric motor systems. An AC gear motor is used almost everywhere. It runs conveyors, pumps, drills, mixers, robotics, and so on. It is an electric motor that works through the law of electromagnetism, converting electrical energy into kinetic energy via a rotary movement that is typically characterized by rotational speed and torque.


AC motors are at the very heart of most industries. 


When compared to the direct current or DC motor, their major difference is in the power source. Obviously, an AC gear motor operates uses alternating current while a DC motor employs direct current just like batteries. Another distinguishing feature between these two motors is speed. The DC motor is controlled by varying the frequency through a frequency converter while the AC motor can be controlled by directly changing the current in the motor itself. This is why the AC gear motor typically works faster than its DC counterpart.


Apart from speed, there are other reasons why AC motors are preferred by most industries. First, they require low maintenance. Second, they are very simple to construct. Third, they are durable and can work for a long time. Fourth, they are cost-effective as they have lower start-up consumption. All these advantages make an AC gear motor ideal for applications that require only a few gear changes and continuous movement. Thus, it is perfect for use in conveyors, fans, and pumps.


Finally, they can also be integrated into systems that employ variable speed and in cases where high accuracy is not of utmost concern. In terms of type, AC motors come in either a single-phase motor type or a three-phase motor type. Choosing one ultimately depends on your particular application. The single-phase type is applicable for the domestic grid while the three-phase version is commonly used in industrial settings.


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