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The Advantageous Qualities of Gear Motors

June 30, 2017

Gear motors consist of motors and gears that are used to produce high torque at low speeds and low horsepower. They can be built using AC or DC motors. DC motors are capable of higher power applications in comparison to AC motors.

Gear motors can be categorized by gearing types.


Bevel, helical, spur and worm gears are combined with motors to form complete units. One can combine different types of gears with a motor to create a gear motor for a specific application.

Gear motors can also be categorized using physical arrangement. An inline gear motor or a parallel shaft consists of a gear and motor shafts that are parallel to each other. A right-angled gear motor has the output gear and motor shaft that are 90 degrees of each other. A planetary arrangement is characterized by gears rotating around an inner gear.

The helical and worm types are among the most common devices in the market. The reasons why they are preferable are mentioned below:

Helical: These are available in single units. They are compact and great for saving space in machines. They are more convenient due to their lightweight properties. They have the ability to deliver accurate outputs. These accurate outputs follow a precise assembly of the motor’s part. Therefore, it is important to ensure that it is precisely assembled.

A helical gear motor is durable as long as the load limits are not exceeded. It is easy to replace damaged parts. Its spare parts are also readily available in the market. This device, however, is very noisy during operation. The automotive industry relies heavily on the helical gear motor.

Worm: This gear motor uses friction to reduce speed. It has a high load capacity and is not susceptible to wearing out. Since it is made from steel, it is durable, sustainable and recyclable. It is available in various configurations and therefore, available for any application.