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Signs Your AC Motor is due for Repair or Replacement

May 22, 2020

Gas-powered motors can sometimes be messy to maintain and operate, which is why many people prefer using an AC motor. Thanks to its electromagnetic energy-producing capabilities, these motors are energy efficient as they can deliver exceptional torque and drive. However, they are not invincible and are also subject to the harsh working environments of their applications. As such, there may come a time where your unit may have to be repaired or replaced.


Here are three clear signs that your motor requires your immediate attention:


Loss of Mechanical Power

AC motors convert alternate current energy into mechanical power. Therefore, if there is a loss of mechanical power, it is highly likely that the electromagnetic components such as the stator and rotors have suffered a malfunction or damage. By allowing experienced technicians from Bauer to inspect your motors, you'll definitely get an accurate diagnosis in no time.


You Hear Loud Unnatural Noises during Operation

All mechanical equipment that emits a louder, alarming noise is most likely facing some severe problems. When this happens, shut down the machine. An AC motor does not emit any noise except for the usual mechanical noise and a small whining sound. If the whining sound is louder than usual, then there is most likely an engine issue that experienced technicians must have a look at immediately.


Frequent Motor Shutdown

If your motor is not emitting any loud noise, a burning smell, or any symptoms of malfunction, yet still shuts down consistently throughout the day, then it's most likely an internal problem that technicians could possibly solve. However, frequent motor shutdown is an indication of a motor's old age, which might mean you have to replace them soon.


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