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Signs It’s Time To Replace Your Gear Reducers

June 27, 2024
Quality Gear Reducer Suppliers Is Mississauga Ontario

When it comes to increasing torque and reducing speed in a gear system, gear reducers are the best choice. Also known as speed reducers, they are vital to achieving optimal speed and torque for a specific function. However, it primarily manages to reduce gear motor speed by increasing friction. This means the parts of the gear reducer are susceptible to being worn out easily. Keeping this in mind, Bauer GMC, distributors of quality gear motors, reducers and variable speed drives explore 3 signs you need to watch out for when it comes to a failing gear reducer.


Signs Of A Worn Out Gear Reducer

Extended Delay In Speed Reduction

When a gear reducer is set in motion, it will take a few seconds to reduce the gear motor speed. However, if the delay is substantial, such as ten seconds or more, then the gear reducer has worn out and needs to be replaced immediately. 

Loud Noises During Operation

With numerous moving parts, most speed reducers operate smoothly. Although not completely noiseless, if they produce a loud noise during operation, such as a loud thud or clanking sound, it is highly likely that something has come loose in the speed reducer and needs prompt attention. Whether it is a replacement or repair depends on the severity of the malfunction. 

Poor Torque Transmission

Torque transmission is necessary for setting an object or equipment in motion. To achieve maximum torque, the gear motor has to operate at low speeds. This transmission is even more pronounced with a gear reducer. However, if there is poor torque transmission at low speeds with a reducer, then there is something clearly wrong with the equipment. 

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