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Selecting an Optimal Gear Reducer Unit

April 08, 2019

Gear reducers are used as a gear train between a motor and the equipment in which it is attached to. As its name suggests, the primary function of reducers is to reduce the overall transmission power and speed of a given application. There are multiple factors that are involved in the operation of greducers.  Three of the most important factors that go into determining the operation of a reducer are torque, speed, and horsepower. Selecting an optimal reducer for your application will largely depend on those three factors.


Today we’ll discuss how to select an optimal gear reducer based on the needs of your application.


Understanding Torque


  • Torque is a crucial component to understanding the inner workings of reducers. Torque can be directly translated as the amount of work the device or application is needed in order to perform; it is the amount of power required to mobilize operation.
  • While determining torque may be straightforward for minimalistic applications, it’s complexity is realized depending on application scope.
  • When it comes to determining torque required for reducers, one must also consider the inertial mass, coefficient of friction, and gravity of every aspect of the application.


Sizing Up


  • Once you’ve determined your power needs, you’ll want to find a reducer unit that is the right size based on those needs.
  • Reducers vary in size, horsepower, and speed. Finding an optimal reducer will depend on operation scope (i.e. power sources, load characteristics, expected length of continuous operation, etc.).
  • A reducer unit will typically be rated on the basis of maximum torque at a particular number of (expected) useful lifetime hours.


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