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Role Of Appropriate Lubrication In Worm Gear Motors

May 21, 2024
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When it comes to gearmotors, worm gear motors are considered highly specialized. Primarily used as a speed reducer, they are applied in several heavy-duty industrial applications. Moreover, apart from intense speed reduction, they are also compact by design. However, with this design and application comes a unique set of problems, one of them being improper lubrication. This blog aims to address some common lubrication issues and how it can be resolved easily.

Problems Facing Worm Gear Motors

In terms of lubrication, the biggest problem plaguing these gearmotors is sliding wear. This mainly occurs due to the spiral motion of the worm gears. Therefore, it is imperative that the lubrication be thick and viscous to tackle this problem.

Apart from improper lubrication, some other common problems faced by worm gear motors include:

- Lead angle of the worm drive
- Uncalibrated sliding speed
- Improper installation conditions
- Poor surface quality

Best Lubricants For Worm Gear Motors

As mentioned earlier, since viscous liquids perform best with these types of gearmotors, the most suitable lubricants include:

Compounded Mineral Oils: The most commonly used lubricant for worm gear motors. The viscosity range varies from ISO 460-680.

EP Mineral Gear Oils: These are used in conjunction with compounded mineral oils for consolidating the gear motor friction.

Synthetic Gear Oils: These are another class of gear oils that are mainly used when the temperature inside the gearmotor reaches over 80 degrees Celsius as they don’t perform well in lower temperatures. 


Therefore, before investing in a worm gear motor, it is critical to know how to lubricate it for maximum performance.

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