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Major Advantages of Worm Gear Motors

August 23, 2016

What is a worm gear motor? It is a worm-like gear placed parallel to a shaft with spikes attached to it. This placement is suitable for its purpose. Worm gear motors are for the usage of speed reduction.

How Does It Work

It’s really very simple. When you want the motor to lessen its speed, all you have to do is activate the worm gear motor. It will spin against the spiked shaft resulting in friction and speed reduction. Worm gears can work in a lot of conditions and lubrication is not a part of them. You have to take notice of the whole mechanism to analyze why it won’t be applicable with lubricated motors. The resistance created by counter rotation regulates the speed. If a part becomes lubricated, then it will most likely make either one of them slide through the other. If you are still curious why you should buy a worm gear motor instead of other types of gear motors, then you should read on its major advantages.

Reduction Ratio

A great characteristic of worm gear motors is its ability to quickly lessen the speed without exerting too much effort. You can install it in high rolling motors that are expected to carry heavy weights and it will still work efficiently without getting damaged. This means it is not prone to wear and tear condition which is a very common problem when it comes to gear motors.


Your initial payment for buying a worm gear motor will be paid off and be accounted to more worth for a long time. It is very durable. This means that you don’t have to replace it often, saving you more money compared to using those low quality speed reducers. Maintenance is also out of the expenses because you don’t need to hire people to checkup and clean your worm gear motors.

Loading Capacity

It can bear heavy weight. With that you can only imagine how durable a small metal gear is working under tons of pressure added with force coming from the motor. A good quality worm gear has high loading capacity.


It is small which is very convenient when it comes to saving space. It is also lightweight which is good because it won’t be adding more pressure on the motor. Worm gear motors are designed to match the inertia of the moving shaft. This way, it would be less likely for it to have damages. Moreover, worm gears reducers are made of steel which doesn’t only make it durable but also sustainable. This is good eco-friendly propaganda for those who are looking for quality-wise materials. It will minimize pollutions thus healthy people and environment.

Flexible Configuration

You will always have a solution for what you need. Whatever application you’re using it for there will always be a worm gear counterpart that will suit your preferences and that of your motors.


You clean it yourself. It doesn’t need much attention but you have to regularly check for grease or lubricants affect your gear reducers to prevent further complication.

The key to have the best worm gear reducer is to find the best gear motor supplier. It’d be best if you do a canvass before you go out shopping.