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Important Elements of a Gear Reducer
Important Elements of a Gear Reducer
November 25, 2020

If there is one major innovation that has seen widespread use in almost every machine today, it is the gear reducer, also known as a speed reducer. They are commonly used in all kinds of household and industrial machines that require an efficient and safe reduction of motor speed. A gear reducer alters the speed of the motor to produce the torque or power needed by machinery to operate properly. When utilized in a transmission system, these reducers are unmatched because of their high complexity, coming in a wide range of system designs, depending on your needs and application specifications.


What makes this device work properly? Below are the important elements that compose a gear reducer.


Knowing and understanding them will help you better understand how gear reducers operate.


The torque

This refers to the rotational force that is typically expressed in pounds per feet or kilos per meter. It turns into power once combined with a certain amount of time of operation.


The motor

The torque that a motor can supply is determined both by power and speed. The specified power of the motor is usually expressed in HP while the torque is what dictates whether a particular load will be handled by the gear or not.


The gearbox

This is what houses all the mechanical parts of the entire geared motor system which allows the right speed reduction to occur while increasing the transmission of torque. All the components are equally vital but they require proper composition and to be in good condition to work perfectly together. These include the gears, gear reducers, pinions, pulleys, bearings, wheels, and so on. All of them are packed inside the gearbox.


Being aware of those major elements of a gear reducer is important as your selection will depend on those concepts, allowing you to find the right unit you need. For all your gear drive needs and services, Bauer GMC can help you today!

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