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How Worm Gear Reducers Provide Torque in Modern Industries

July 23, 2019

Choosing the right equipment for the task at hand is always a necessity, one of the shining examples of this is shown in the worm gear reducer – a highly adaptable gear train, capable of providing a high ratio of speed reduction as well as having the capacity to act as a multiplier for high torque output.

It is, therefore, unsurprising to learn that numerous industries take advantage of gear reducers to help them accomplish several important tasks that can occur in their workflow.

This blog will cast a spotlight on some of these vast applications of gear reducers, and why they play such a pivotal role in helping accomplish said tasks:

Bucket Conveyors

When it is required to transport a bulk mass vertically, horizontally, or at an incline, a bucket conveyor is employed. Buckets are to be maintained in an upright position and subsequently emptied via mechanical means. It is the task of the gear reducer to fluctuate in its transmission speed depending upon the action being performed; higher transmissions for conveying the items and slower transmissions for gentle positioning.

Industrial Mixers

Providing torque for a volume of mixture consisting of hundreds of cubic feet is a highly important and specialized task required from the right apparatus – this is the primary purpose of a gear reducer. By providing power to the industrial mixing unit, it provides this torque so that solid and liquid substances can be mixed for a sustained period of time.

Handling Heavy Equipment

A crane is typically employed when a task involves the movement and placement of objects possessing a considerable amount of weight. Having the capacity to provide high amounts of torque and force is required for a task such as this, which is why a gear reducer is put into operation so that it may sacrifice speed to meet the required torque output.


Gear reducers are largely operated surrounding the entertainment industry such as theatres, cinemas, and stadiums due to commonly utilizing retractable and/or collapsible systems such as curtains, and seating functionality; incorporating a suitable speed reducer can only serve to further immerse the viewing audience.

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