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How to Select the Right Gear Reducer

December 11, 2019

As with any tool or equipment, it is important to consider all the factors when selecting a gear reducer. Gear reducers are primarily used to adapt the torque and speed of the input and output axes of your geared application. As such, it sees widespread use in the automotive and manufacturing industries. With that said, it is not just any gear reducer that can get the job done.


You need to make sure that every specification for your gear reducer is tailored to your applications.


As mentioned before, a gear reducer is used to increase the torque of your motor. You will need to find out the minimum and maximum torque a gear reducer can support – this is always expressed in newton meters, or N.m for short. If it is not indicated on the product itself, make sure you enquire with the gear reducer manufacturer. At Bauer GMC, we are always happy to consult with our clients and provide additional information on all our products.


The other function of a gear reducer is to reduce motor speed. As such, you should also figure out the ideal reduction ratio for your intended application. Depending on the specific rotational speed of your motor, the reduction ratio can be used to determine the output rotational speed.


Finally, it is also crucial that you know how to obtain the dimensions of the reducer. This depends on the specific type of shaft that is used for your gear reducer, which can be coaxial, orthogonal or parallel-shaft. For reducers with orthogonal orientation, the shafts are perpendicular, which is also the case with worm and bevel gear reducers. Reducers with a coaxial shaft orientation have aligned shafts, such as with planetary gearboxes, which are usually employed in aeronautic applications.


In order to choose the correct gear reducer, you need to consult with experts on gear reducers. Get in touch with Bauer GMC today to learn more about our services and products!